[reads the card Deeds wrote for her] Hard to breathe, feels like floating. The screwball in question is Longfellow Deeds (Gary Cooper), a small-town greeting-card poet and tuba player transplanted to the big city to administer his newly inherited wealth, where fast-pattering, wised-up cynics, sneering society denizens, and corrupt lawyers lord it over the ingenuous and straightforward. Cecil: Well, if the Deeds you're referring to is Longfellow Deeds, then yes, that is Deeds's first name. Deeds: You guys football fans? Cedar: Congratulations, you have a spastic colon. The regular delivery guy called in sick. Crazy Eyes: Eh, I'm doin' an overnighter for bitin' the mailman. You're a good man. Consuela: Want me to wipe the leaves on your ficus tree, Preston? Many people don't know where it is. Still have questions? Coretta: I'm not leaving without me kitties. Mr Deeds Greeting Cards. This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Mr. He's been the victim of every conniving crook in town.

Babe: And this is my brother Denny's room. Chuck Cedar: Congratulations, you have a spastic colon. --Marshall Fine, https://www.quotes.net/movies/mr._deeds_quotes_7754. Longfellow Deeds: You're too nice to be a school nurse.My school nurse was so mean, every time I'd tell her I had a tummy ache, she'd send me back to my class and say, "Stop whining." Other people are doodlers. Listen, I'll take you on a bender that will live in your memory as a thing of beauty and a joy forever! I don't think that poor boy ever had a date. Longfellow Deeds: Are you sure about that? Dancing around like the Keebler elf. Listen, you play saloon with me and I'll introduce you to every wit, nitwit, and half-wit in New York. Walter: The ones who brought you home, sir. Jan: Mrs. Cedar: We're looking for somebody. Emilio: Deeds! You liked it when Emilio would change your socks. In the story, a small-town man's inheritance leads to significant changes at a major media conglomerate. Babe: [reads the card Deeds wrote for her] Hard to breathe, feels like floating. Deeds Goes to Town.In the story, a small-town man's inheritance leads to significant changes at a major media conglomerate. We should leave. You were in your shorts. As swell a guy as ever hit this town, and you crucified him for a couple of stinking headlines. Hard to breathe. How about a billion dollars? Stay out of his way.
You want me to call him up? Feels like floating. You'll be so pixilated by its charm, you won't rest until you've doodled your way to a rhyme for "Budington."

They work so hard at living they forget how to live.
Longfellow Deeds: So you see, everybody does silly things to help them think. Lets get cracking. 9 years ago. Let it be known.

Longfellow Deeds: And the lady next to him is a knuckle-cracker. By turns crude and maudlin, Big Daddy has its share of laughs and will certainly entertain fans who like Adam Sandler best when he plays the case of arrested development with a smart-aleck retort for everything. Get your answers by asking now. I was talking to that squirrel. talking about? Yes he's flying way up high, because he was a supercool guy. That's kind of funny. Whoa! Voila! Finally time, for this poor schlub. Deeds. Maybe it's Greg. I don't think that poor boy ever had a date. 8 Oct. 2020. Reverend Sharpton: Nice rhyme, nice rhyme. But I don't know. Find out more about how we use your information in our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. MovieQuotes.com © 1998-2020 | All rights reserved, “Where were you kicking? I personally have a scrap book and I also have a room where I keep old post card and things that friends have given to me through out the years.

The newspapers pounced on him, made him a target for their feeble humor.

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