“Normally, we would conduct the inspection manually which would be quite expensive and also time-consuming. [4] [6], In the Central zone, the main reservoirs are Derwent and Burnhope; other, smaller reservoirs are at Tunstall and Waskerley, both on Waskerley Beck, and at Smiddy Shaw and Hisehope. Balderhead Reservoir was commissioned by the Tees Valley and Cleveland Water Board (TVCWB) to increase water supply to Teesdale and Teesside. From Barrasford, water is pumped to West Hallington reservoir, while water abstracted at Ovingham is used to supply Horsley treatment works and can also be used to replenish the Whittle Dene complex. Recreationally, the reservoir is used by the Teesdale Sailing and Watersports … It could be the most profitable 30 minutes of your working week. [14][15], Recreationally, the reservoir is used by the Teesdale Sailing and Watersports Club for windsurfing, canoeing and kite surfing.

In the north-east. In today’s game, the phrase “world-class” get’s thrown around too easily.

– Teesdale Sailing and Watersports Club", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Balderhead_Reservoir&oldid=972796200, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles using infobox body of water without image bathymetry, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 13 August 2020, at 21:15.

Continuing to use this site, you agree with this. If you want to speak to George Burne, the UK’s leading expert on drones for inspection, then visit our Drones for Inspection content hub where you can get in touch for a 30 minute call. There is a direct connection between the tunnel and Mosswood treatment works and further access is provided at Waskerley via a submersible pump in the tunnel's airshaft.[6].

1st Floor Phoenix House, 3 South Parade, Leeds, LS1 5QX, ELIOS 2 has been a real game-changer for us. [1] The dam, which was built of compacted boulder clay and shale, is 157 feet (48 m) high and 3,000 feet (910 m) long, and became, at completion, the highest earth dam constructed in the British Isles.

This way of conducting inspections is definitely part of the 21st century way of doing things and we hope this new approach is set to become the industry standard, as it’s given us a fantastic new insight that we’ve never had before.”. Have they developed over time?

In order to do this safely, regular inspections must be carried out to ensure the integrity of its Dams and Reservoirs.

A reservoir is a large natural or man-made lake used for collecting and storing water when it is in plentiful supply for people to use at a later date when there is less rain.

This zone covers a small area in north Northumberland, centred around the towns of Berwick and Wooler. The inaugural race took place on May 18,… …   Wikipedia, Northumbrian University Boat Race — Location(s) River Tyne, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK Inaugurated 1997 Most recent Present The Northumbrian University Boat Race is an annual rowing event between the boat clubs of Durham and Newcastle universities in Eng …   Wikipedia, Water privatization in South Africa — has taken many different forms. Essex & Suffolk Water – which is part of the Northumbrian Water Group – operate in Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and Greater London with one mission. It wasn’t until Covid hit that we were forced to really think about how we could adapt our inspections to make them safer for our workforce, that’s when we started looking at the ELIOS 2.”. Catcleugh is also at the start of a sequence that includes reservoirs at Colt Crag, two at Hallington and a complex of seven at Whittle Dene, where there is also a treatment works. To provide clean, great tasting tap water to over 1.8 million customers every single second of every single day.

[2] The catchment upstream of the reservoir is a mixture of rough grazing land and moorland which covers 12 miles (20 km). In the case of Northumbrian Water, Greg Barrett and their use of inspection drones, it may be justified.

[1], Northumbrian Water's operations cover an area of 9,400 km2 and extend from the urban conurbations of Tyneside, Wearside and Teesside to the sparsely-populated rural districts of Durham and Northumberland. Northumbrian Water (NW) is a trading division of Northumbrian Water Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Northumbrian Water Group. Our work is instrumental in fulfilling our basic human needs and protecting the source of life. The traditional boundary between County Durham and Yorkshire was the River Tees. We know what you’re thinking, what the hell has this got to do with drones being used for inspection and our water supplies? Northumbrian Water update on fishing. Help us deliver benefits for our natural environment, building resilience for the wildlife and people who are dependent on it, By investing in biodiversity, we're protecting our wildlife and safeguarding our future, We've got a duty to prepare and maintain a Water Resources Management Plan (WRMP), Our Drought Plan identifies how we intend to manage a future drought identifying what actions are required, The Regulations provide for disclosure of, and access to, environmental information held by public authorities, We own and maintain a variety of sites, approximately 25,460 acres, including 9,452 acres of reservoirs and 2,125 acres of woodland, Both Northumbrian Water and Essex & Suffolk Water have catchment plans in place to improve water quality in our water sources, Invasive non-native species (INNS) are plants and animals that have been accidentally or deliberately introduced to Great Britain, Our friends at the Essex Wildlife Trust have set up a live webcam feed into a roost of Soprano Pipistrelle bats, at Hanningfield Reservoir, Registered office: Northumbria House, Abbey Road, Pity Me, Durham, DH1 5FJ. The closures include Landal Kielder Waterside.

Northumbrian Water operates in the North East of England and provides both water and sewerage services. Download our app . The magazine contains articles about wind and water mills of North East England or subjects relating to these such as family history of millers. Under normal circumstances, each zone is self-sufficient in water resources, but provision exists to transfer water from the northern zone to either of the others, via the Kielder Transfer Scheme. Here the company operates 414 sewage treatment works, 731 sewage pumping stations and 33,000 km sewers.

OK, http://www.nwg.co.uk/Financialreports.aspx, "Final Water Resources Management Plan 2010-2035", http://www.nwl.co.uk/waterresmanplanSEA.aspx, http://www.nwl.co.uk/Draftdroughtplan.aspx, Water supply and sanitation in South Africa. A small area around Hartlepool is excluded from NW's water supply license; this area is supplied by Hartlepool Water, a water-only company that is part of Anglian Water. Water is supplied to the treatment works either from a nearby reservoir or by abstraction from one of the major rivers. The first site considered, Cow Green, was above Cauldron Snout and was in a sensitive habitat area, so Balderhead was built instead.

[2], The total population served by NW is in excess of 2.6m people. COPTRZ have helped over 1000 businesses to access the benefits of drone technology, providing cheaper, faster and safer operational capability. [4] Cow Green Reservoir was built later, though the approval process was protracted due to the loss of habitat for the Teesdale violet plant.

In the case of Northumbrian Water, Greg Barrett and their use of inspection drones, it may be justified.

Water safety. [6], The heart of the scheme is a 34 km-long tunnel, the Tyne-Tees Tunnel, through which water flows under gravity to outfalls at Frosterley on the Wear and at Eggleston on the Tees. The zone's water supplies are supported by a system of impounding reservoirs, river pumping stations, and water treatment works.

In 1956, an upsurge in the chemical industry on Teesside led ICI to negotiate increased water supply from the Tees Valley Water Board. However, we had a legal duty to inspect these structures safely, so we sourced the lightweight ELIOS 2 drone to undertake the two programmed reservoir inspections. In today’s game, the phrase “world-class” get’s thrown around too easily.

Sat Nav: DH8 9TT. The main reservoirs are Selset and Grassholme in Lunedale, and Balderhead, Blackton and Hury in Baldersdale. Reservoir water levels are affected by many things, from reduced rain fall, which in some areas of our regions has been below average for over the past 15 years, to the number of new builds across the country. Northumbrian Water (NW) and Essex & Suffolk Water (ESW) are both part of Northumbrian Water Limited, a company registered in England and Wales, which is a member of Northumbrian Water Group. About 15 million people were without safe water supply and over 20 million without adequate …   Wikipedia, Water Industry Act 1991 — The Water Industry Act 1991 (c. 56) is an Act of the United Kingdom Parliament consolidating previous enactments relating to the water supply and the provision of wastewater services in that country. The reservoirs at Waskerley, Hisehope and Smiddy Shaw supply Honey Hill treatment works, which lies just below Smiddy Shaw; Honey Hill is also supplied from Burnhope. Formerly an executive agency (the Northern Ireland Water Service) within Northern Ireland s Department for Regional Development, it became a government owned company on 1 …   Wikipedia, We are using cookies for the best presentation of our site. We've added new features! World-class players change the game, mostly by doing things we haven’t seen before, or just by doing things better. Night Fishing: N/A. Northumbrian Water: Using inspection drones to enhance reservoir safety inspections and provide resilience to water supplies. Location: Edmund Byres, Consett. Find out more about the company and what we’ve been up to by reading our latest news or watching our videos. Hell, we say it enough. “We have a number of reservoirs that have shafts that go right down to the bottom near the dam walls and these need to be inspected regularly to make sure there are no leaks and continue to be structurally integral. In the case of Northumbrian Water, Greg Barrett and their use of inspection drones, it may be justified. [16], Reservoir on the River Balder in County Durham, England. 99% of the population served by NW is in the Kielder zone, so named from Kielder Water, the largest reservoir in NW's region. Cost: Please click here to find out more Northumbrian Water – Derwent Reservoir.

Balderhead Reservoir is a reservoir in Baldersdale, County Durham, England. We live water, and we love our customers. Explore Kielder Reservoir. This way of conducting inspections is definitely part of the 21st century way of doing things and we hope this new approach is set to become the industry standard, as it’s given us a fantastic new insight that we’ve never had before.”.

If you’re one of the organisations that’s still to embrace the technology, then we’re your UK Business Partner to get you up and running. Registered in England and Wales.

Make payments quickly and easily with Apple Pay and Google Pay, and use the app to give us your meter readings. [3] The site was initially built as a direct supply route of water to Teesside, but later became a river-regulating reservoir, ensuring that water was available for the River Tees.

[4] [6], Within the Northern zone, water is abstracted from the North Tyne at Barrasford and from the Tyne at Ovingham, with discharges from Kielder Water ensuring that the minimum regulated flow is maintained in the two rivers.

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